In the dog yard at the shelter, with my elbows in the dirt and my belly to the ground, I worked to engage a new arrival for his adoption portrait, and, I realized I loved what I was doing more than anything else I had done. 

My interest in photography has been lifelong.  I grew up with a camera in my hand and eventually studied film photography at our local community college.  I was a film photographer for about 20 years, mostly as a hobby, mostly as a nature photographer.  I made the leap to digital, transitioning fully to digital photography in 2005, after my film camera made its own leap, lens first, onto concrete.  My love for animals is every bit as long lived and I've had pets for all of my life.  To be able to work with animals and photography is my bliss and the result is here, Becky Huddleston Photography, Richmond Pet Photographer and Annapolis Pet Photographer, creating fine art custom portraiture of companion pets and artwork to be treasured forever by their companion humans.  

I work in a natural environment where your pet is comfortable and I aim to capture the expressions and behaviors that are unique to your baby and beloved by you.  I prefer to create images that capture character and spirit for what it is in unguarded moments.  I want to capture the looks, the gestures, the subtleties, and the grandness that is your best friend, the qualities that make you smile every time you see the portraits, now and forever.

Circa 1988 - Me, my mom, and baby Roxanne, who is now living her grown up life in New York.  Photo by Lee D Wieland.

Circa 1988 - Me, my mom, and baby Roxanne, who is now living her grown up life in New York.  Photo by Lee D Wieland.

Awards are sprinkled across decades and each has been a thrill and an honor.  My first was from The Washington Post, in 1988, and my winning image was displayed in an exhibit on the Washington D.C. mall.  

In 2014, I was proud to receive recognition on an international platform with a second place award and two honorable mentions in the pet photography category of the International Photography Awards (IPA), a global competition based in Los Angeles, CA.  And in 2015 I was honored to win first place in Richmond's Riverrock Festival Photography competition and also to create the photography for the 2016 Richmond Animal League calendar.



I currently share my home with two sibling kitties, adopted from a shelter in Tucson, Arizona.   And, I continue to volunteer and support my local animal shelters.